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     Our family appreciates how well the teachers work with the kids.  My child is so excited every morning for school.  She has the best time, has improved a lot with her speech, letters and numbers.  An amazing school environment. 

     Highly recommend!

     My child never showed that “helping spirit” until he started school.  Y’all are working some magic!! 

     At dinner our child announced that when he grows up, he wants to be a teacher.  We asked him why, and he  answered, so could help teach with Mrs. Ericksen and Mrs. Moon.

     The best parenting decision my wife and I ever made was to send our kids to the Covenant Children’s Academy for preschool and kindergarten.  We thought that the first two years of a child’s learning experience are the most important in the  educational process.   With smaller class sizes, exceptional teachers, and a Christian environment,  Covenant was the obvious choice for us. My wife and I would highly recommend the Covenant Children’s Academy.
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