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About Us


Welcome Parents and Children!

     We thank you for allowing us to share in your child's early education.  

     Covenant Children’s Academy began as Covenant Nursery School and has been a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church since 1951.  Our philosophy is that children learn by playing and doing. Therefore, our program stresses activity, both from the child and the teachers.  Socialization is important throughout life.  We feel that a child is never too young to learn to help, to share and to care.  Each child is a unique individual with God given gifts waiting to be used.  Our goal is to have the child discover and use those gifts for their optimum social, emotional and academic growth.

     At Covenant Children’s Academy we are committed to working together as teachers, families and parents to create an exciting, active, and positive learning experience for children. We also join with our Clark County community in partnerships with Wittenberg Education department, Clark State Early Childhood Education and the Springfield Art Museum to be collaborative and supportive for our children and our community!

     Again, we thank you for the privilege of working and playing with your child.  Welcome to the Covenant Children’s Academy team.



     Covenant Children’s Academy has entered a partnership with Wittenberg University Department of Education.  This partnership began the fall of 2021, and will offer resources and support from faculty and pre-service teachers.  The University will provide professional development for the staff, instruction, observation, and field experience for Wittenberg students, joint teaching and research, and sharing or creation of educational materials and resources.

     Covenant Children’s Academy has also entered into a partnership with the Springfield Museum of Art.  We will be offering “Wonder Wednesdays”  for the Pre-kindergarten class which will include a staff member from the Art Museum, and pre-service teachers from Wittenberg and Clark State who will work with the children from the Academy.

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