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​"Don't just teach because that's all you can do. Teach because it's your calling. And once you realize that, you have a responsibility to the young people."         Maya Angelou    

Our Staff

     All Covenant Children’s Academy teachers have obtained higher education degrees earned from nationally accredited universities and colleges. All teachers have been trained and maintain certification in First Aid, CPR, Recognizing Signs of Communicable Disease and Recognizing Signs of Abuse and Neglect in Children. Teachers are also required to maintain continuous education in early childhood. All teachers treat children with warmth and personal respect, positive support, and approachable attention to individual needs. 
Barbara Yontz

Interim Director

Barbara has over 28 years in Early Childhood Education and has been the past director of Covenant Children’s Academy for 20 years.

She has her undergraduate degree in  K-12 Education and  Special Education and her Master’s in Education Leadership. She also teaches Early Childhood courses at Clark State College.  

Barbara lives in Springfield has two adult children and is “Mimi” to 4 grandchildren. 

Laura Moon

Laura received her teaching degree from Miami University and has over 25 years teaching both at the elementary and pre-school level.  

She loves books, reading and teaching letters and sounds, even to music! She is mother to two adult children and is “Grammy” to her 2 grandchildren.

Megan Landry

Megan has been an Early Childhood Educator for  6  years. She has her undergraduate degree from Wilmington College and recently completed her Master’s degree in Psychology.  

Megan loves to use many ordinary objects in her classroom to design creative learning activities in science, math, and literacy development!  Megan is great at making slime and volcanos!! She lives in Springfield and has two children ages 7 and 12.

Diane Ericksen

Diane has many talents, especially in creating a warm and loving classroom.  She has an education degree and has taught at several different levels.   Diane is also a realtor in Springfield where she lives.   Diane raised three adult children and now has three active, wonderful grandsons.

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